Will Gikandi

Open-Sourcing the Kin Rewards Engine | by Kik Engineering | Kin Blog |  Medium

The Kin Foundation has approved a minor adjustment to the KRE v2 Buy Track.

This is an interim to the KRE v3 which has been approved for release on January 1st 2021. This update ensures developers continue to be rewarded fairly, while protecting the ecosystem from strategies driven by price speculation.

The update is encapsualted in this paragraph:

The user/developer are paid Kin at a rate at most the market rate for Kin as calculated on the date of purchase (i.e. a user can earn the developer at most $0.01 worth of Kin for an ad generating $0.01 of revenue, and a user buying $1.00 worth of kin cannot receive more than $1.00 worth of Kin).

KRE v2.2.4 is effective from Dec 3rd EST until KRE v3 takes effect.